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Anura Academy

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We serve our clients and customers with the highest level of quality and integrity. Upholding our standards in project management, project installation quality, data collection, and detailed reporting contributes to the advancement of energy efficiency research and policy development. Our core business activities help address the comfort and safety of a typically underserved market and population. 

Training Directory

You can use the training directory below to find all the content we have available at Anura Academy. If you feel we are missing content you would like to see, feel free to use the requests button at the top of the page to start the process of creating the training you need.

Department Learning Plans

We've put together recommended training plans for our different office departments. If you're just starting at Anura Energy, this is a great place to start to get an ordered list of training and get up to speed.



Exhaust Fans

All exhaust fan training content in one place.

Dust Containment

All dust containment training content in one place.

Direct Installs

All direct install training content in one place.

Blown In Insulation

All blown in insulation training content in one place.

Blower Door Testing

All blower door training content in one place.

Attic Hatches

All attic hatch training content in one place.

Attic Air Sealing

All attic air sealing training content in one place.

Field Work

Insulation Removal

All insulation removal training content in one place.


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