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Anura Update | March 23, 2021

QuickBooks Time - COVID-19 Self-Certification

Recently, we have been planning ways to make our check-in procedure more stream-lined and approachable for everyone involved. While we fine tune other changes for our check-in process, we wanted to introduce a brief self-certification process regarding COVID-19. Starting on Wednesday, March 24th, 2021, you will be asked three basic questions related to your symptoms and exposure to coronavirus. After you have selected your answers, you'll be able to clock-in for the day. Obviously, if you are feeling sick, you will want to contact your supervisor and let them know that you will be staying home for the day instead of clocking in. We will be using QuickBooks Time to log answers to these questions for the foreseeable future. Any updates to this process will be posted in the updates section on the website.

If you are unsure about your options for returning to work, we have included a link to a brief handout that covers the main questions you might have below. Use this as a reference and call or message your supervisor if you have any further questions.


Anura Academy

In addition, Anura Academy will be going through somewhat of a revamp in the following weeks. The site will stay the same--that is mostly out of our control--but the courses will be remade in order to provide all learners with:

  • Simplified navigation controls and functionality

  • No more glitches and bugs (especially on mobile)

  • More intuitive user interface and design

  • Actual full-screen capability

  • Optional voiced-over content for previous and new courses

We've heard your concerns and have been working hard to get training content delivered to you in a more streamlined and effective way. During this process, however, some training content might be unavailable for short periods of time. We appreciate your patience.

Lastly, we plan to release course updates regarding Anura Academy here on the updates page at the end of each week. If you don't see one on a certain week, it's most likely because no new courses we released. Chances are you will see them frequently, however, because we have many in the works.

That's all, have a great day!

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