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Anura Update | March 24, 2021

Your Updates

We have reworked the 'employee' section on our website to be simpler to navigate and use. Think of this as a homepage for most of the things you need as a technician. We've also added a 'Your Updates' tab.

'Your Updates' provides us with a way to be more transparent about changes happening at Anura Energy and prevent communication issues between the warehouse and the office. Important to note is that these updates are not specific to fieldwork. For example, your project site lead will still provide you with all the necessary daily information you need to complete your work in the field. We plan to get information to you regarding process changes, new technology implementation, new training courses and opportunities, etc. These are changes that we are working on and might affect you but sometimes aren't being communicated effectively. Checking 'Your Updates' frequently can help you prepare for changes we plan to implement and not feel caught off guard.

On a final note, updates currently are not on a regular schedule. For example, don't expect one every week. There might be two on one week and none on another. When there's notable information, we'll make an update and let you know.


Remind is a great resource to get information out to everyone quickly. We will be linking these updates in Remind every time a new one is made so that no one misses them and to quicken the navigation. In practice, 'Your Updates' serves as an archive of company updates so that you can always go back and read through them if you want some clarification.


Make sure to read the March 23, 2021 update to get some new information on QuickBooks Time and Anura Academy.

That's all everyone, have a great day!

How to get to 'Your Updates/Employee Home'


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