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We Value Our Contractors

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Why Complicate Things?

You want to work and we have work for you.

Anura Energy is in the process of building a network of Mechanical and Pipe Insulation Contractors interested in providing mechanical and pipe insulation services for multifamily properties. Projects are ready to schedule and will continue through the end of 2021.  All contractors that meet requirements will be added to the list of Participating Contractors that will receive project work orders ready for immediate scheduling and install. 

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To be considered for projects available to our subcontractors, please fill out the form and email it to

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Reap The Benefits

  • Shovel-ready projects means you don’t need to go searching for work. We’ve done the outreach and gotten to “yes.” Now we need your help to get the job done.

  • Straightforward work order activities in line with your area of expertise.

  • Easy invoicing and quick payment cycles.

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About Us

Anura Energy is an energy efficiency services provider that delivers a wide range of solutions to meet the energy saving goals of our clients and customers. Our specialties include program design, project management, project fulfillment, data analysis and cutting-edge industry training. 


We serve our clients and customers with the highest level of quality and integrity. Upholding our standards in project management, project installation quality, data collection, and detailed reporting contributes to the advancement of energy efficiency research and policy development. Our core business activities help address the comfort and safety of a typically underserved market and population. 

Established in 2016, our leadership team's background and extensive experience in energy efficiency programming, sustainability, and building systems was the basis for starting a small business that aims to make a difference. We bring this vision to life though our field work and community partnerships, as well as the energy and efforts of our talented and diverse staff. Our company strives to deliver value at every touch point with a team of enthusiastic and hardworking individuals and contractors. Come join us! 


Anura Energy is a Midwest-based, woman-owned, equal opportunity employer and maintains a strict drug-free environment. Find us at


Please return the fully completed enrollment form to

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Screening & Onboarding

Once we’ve received the completed form, we will begin the screening process and reach out to schedule an onboarding session to help you make the most of our partnership.

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The Anura Energy team will work directly with you to coordinate work orders in line with your core business.