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Anura Update | April 12, 2021

My Docs

The link to the employee handbook in the Employee Homepage has changed. You'll now see a button entitled 'My Docs.' On this new page, you will find the updated, 2021 handbook, documents regarding policies, and more. We'll update you when a new document has been posted.

New Attendance and Time Card Expectations (Read Below)

Attendance Expectations:

  1. Please refer to the Attendance Policy noted in the Anura Employee Handbook for additional details.

  2. For emergency, day-of absences allowing notification prior to the start of the work day: leave a message on the attendance line (630) 526-8319, and see the attached How-To for guidance.

  3. For emergency absences during the work day, communicate to your supervisor first and make a note on your time card when clocking out. Supervisors make note on the daily report.

  4. For time-off requests, please provide a minimum three day notice. Communicate to your supervisor and make the formal request using the Time Off Request function in QuickBooks Time (previously known as TSheets).

    1. Only full day requests will be approved.

  5. Excessive absences are disruptive to work flow and may lead to disciplinary action. Excessive is defined as:

    1. Two or more unexcused absences in a 30-day period.

    2. Three or more excused absences in a 30-day period. Does not include excused absences related to the management of a medical condition.

Time Card Expectations:

  1. It is your responsibility to clock in when you begin work and clock out when your work day has ended.

  2. The work day begins AFTER you have arrived to the shop/office, used the restroom and tended to any personal needs. Do not clock in until you have checked in with your supervisor for the day.

  3. Breaks: two 10-minute breaks are allowed on the clock each day, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. This allows for a brief rest during the strenuous work that is being performed. Staff are to remain on the job-site during this time.

  4. Lunch: a 30-minute lunch break will be automatically deducted for hourly employees. Lunch is limited to 30 minutes and it is expected that you bring your lunch and remain on the job-site during this time. You will not need to clock in/out. Supervisors will monitor the 30-minute time frame. Supervisors must report any time taken over 30-minutes on the daily report.

  5. The work day ends AFTER you return to the shop/office, perform any final clean up or organization tasks. Clock out after you have checked in with your supervisor. Any personal needs, such as changing clothes or a requested meetings with managers, will not count toward your working hours.

  6. Time card adjustment requests must be made to your supervisor and they will then document and approve the request as appropriate.


Make sure to read through the new employee handbook to familiarize yourself with the changes. That's all everyone, have a great day!

2021 Anura Energy Employee Handbook
Download PDF • 173KB

Anura COVID-19 Field Preparedness Protoc
Download • 297KB

How to Use the Attendance Line
Download PDF • 552KB


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