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Energy Assessments


If you're having a hard time maintaining comfort levels in your home or business and are struggling to identify the root cause, Anura Home Energy Services offers assistance through our energy assessment service. Often referred to as an energy audit, this comprehensive analysis allows our team to delve into your property's performance, enabling us to diagnose and address various issues, such as:

  • Fluctuating temperatures

  • Subpar HVAC efficiency

  • High energy expenses

  • Inadequate insulation

  • Air leakage

A home energy assessment serves as the crucial initial step in any home performance
upgrade, providing precise insights into your property's inefficiencies and facilitating

the discovery of lasting, energy-efficient solutions. Moreover, by pinpointing specific

issues, energy assessments help prevent wasteful expenditure on services that may

not effectively resolve underlying problems.

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How Energy Assessments Work

At Anura Energy Home Services, our comprehensive energy assessments begin by understanding your home-related concerns. Guided by the identified symptoms, we conduct a meticulous inspection, both indoors and outdoors, utilizing specialized tools such as infrared cameras and blower door testing. This approach allows us to pinpoint areas of insufficient insulation and air leakage. Additionally, we assess the efficiency and safety of your HVAC system, determining if repairs or replacement are necessary.

Upon concluding the energy assessment, we furnish you with a detailed report including our findings and recommendations. This report outlines the services we believe will yield the most effective results in enhancing your comfort, energy efficiency, and overall safety.

What Equipment Do We Use For Energy Assessments?

Our team uses infrared thermometers as a vital instrument for assessing temperature variations within your home, providing valuable insights into the insulation concealed behind your walls. In addition, infrared cameras assist in visualizing air leaks, identifying areas where energy loss occurs.

To further pinpoint the sources of air leaks, we utilize blower door testing. This involves installing a fan in a window or door, sealing the surrounding areas, and closing off all other openings in your home. By activating the fan, we monitor air pressure, precisely identifying the locations where undesired air infiltrates or escapes from your home.

Why Should I Do An Energy Assessment?

Inadequate floor insulation and air leaks may be incurring more costs than most people realize. According to the Department of Energy, approximately 9 out of 10 homes suffer from  inadequate insulation, along with air leaks that are equivalent to leaving a window open year-round!

Initiating an energy assessment serves as a primary step towards addressing energy efficiency concerns, offering solutions for insulation and air leakage issues. Beyond this, an energy assessment brings various additional benefits, including:

  1. Detecting Mold: Unidentified mold can lead to health concerns and structural damage. Energy audits assess humidity levels and uncover potential mold sources, even in concealed areas of your home.

  2. Extending HVAC Lifespan: Homes experiencing significant energy loss make HVAC systems work harder. An energy assessment not only identifies energy loss areas but also ensures that your HVAC system is not working beyond its capacity.

  3. Qualifying for Incentives: Energy assessments often serve as the initial step to qualify for rebates and incentives related to energy-efficient services like home insulation. To receive these benefits, the audit and subsequent improvements must be carried out by qualified contractors such as Anura Energy Home Services.

Anura Energy Home Services Provides the Solution!

We believe that residents in Chicagoland deserve year-round comfort and energy efficiency in their homes. Whether you're considering new attic insulation or seeking ways to enhance the overall temperature regulation throughout your home, you can rely on us to offer tailored services and effective solutions. Our certified professionals are ready to conduct an energy assessment of your home, identify problematic areas, and propose energy-saving solutions that suit your needs.

Schedule your Energy Assessment today!

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